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1) What is the difference between factory grade and retail/export grade mulch?

Factory grade mainly differs from retail/export grade in the sense that our mulch does not have to fully go through a rigorous drying process in order to be stored properly in sealed bags for a very long time. Our local customers, on the other hand, can lay the freshly manufactured mulch within 1-2 weeks of purchase, which poses no problems since it is exposed to atmospheric air within a quick timeframe. By avoiding the drying process, the cost of your mulch purchase can be reduced significantly, as reflected on the current prices here. You may still order retail/export grade mulch but as an added option in the product page.


 (Moisture Content 45-55%) 
 (Moisture Content 15-20%) 
1. Use bagged mulch within 1-2 weeks
1. Can be stored in bags for long time
2. Do not lay before a rainstorm
2. Can be laid out anytime
3. May stain a little (wash off easily)
3. No staining


2) Will applying mulch attract termites?

  • Termites are subterranean creatures and they like to exist in deep, dark and moist environments typically about 8 inches to 1 feet below the ground. They favor and only exist with this type of environment. On the other hand, mulches are on the ground surface of only 2-3 inches thick, just below the penetration level of sunshine rays and plenty of air circulation or ventilation. Hardly the ideal environment that termites like to thrive in.
  • There is a misconception that only wood based material attracts termites. This would be true to a certain degree if there was big chunks of wood as termites have the tendency to like to drill tunnels inside wood, since wood provides the perfect cover for termites to travel around. However, wood chips are very small pieces of wood chunks, too small for termites to tunnel into, and does not provide a safe cover for termites.
  • If you are still worried and want to take added precaution, keep your mulch 1 feet away from solid wooden foundations such as wooden pillars, gazebos, pergolas, canopy, shed, etc.

3) Do you offer landscaping services?

We are wood mulch manufacturers, first and foremost, and we do not provide general landscaping services for your home. You may need to contact your nearby local garden landscaper for this. However, we offer free advice, guidelines and a wealth of information on our website to help and inspire you to design fantastic mulchscapes for your garden. Most of our users, after viewing our information and talking with us, already have a great design in mind before purchasing our mulch. We also work with commercial landscapers familiar with our products, and you may contact us to see if we can recommend you one in your area.

4) Why should people used mulch?

  • Prevents weeds from growing by blocking sunlight 
  • Maintain soil water retention
  • Allow a constant soil temperature
  • Prevent heavy rain from splashing soil everywhere
  • Prevent your soil from compacting due to heavy rain
  • Beautifies the look of your garden landscape

5) What is the difference between wood chips and wood floss products?

Wood chips are basically small pieces of shredded wood that are squarish or rectangular in shape. Its dimensional size could range anywhere from 0.5 to 2 inches. It is best laid out on flat or slightly sloping ground which drains well. You will need to use some sort of perimeter border material to contain the wood chips, so it will not migrate away from the area it is intended for mulching. Border edging material can consist of garden stones, bricks, cement, wood planks, rubber sheet, small logs, etc or anything that can help contain the mulch in the desired area. Please view our rubber borders if you do not have anything suitable. 

Wood floss are shredded wood that more fibrous in nature, and resembles 'cotton floss'. It is a combination of fine strands of wood fibres and mini wood chips. When laid out on the ground, it resembles a 'bio-carpet', similar to the carpet in your home. Wood floss is suitable to use on uneven ground or steep slopes, and does not require any type of perimeter border  to contain the mulch. Its fibrous stands locks the materials together than form a tight mat and will mostly stay in place even harsh weather. 

When comparing wood chips and wood floss, you will need a thicker layer of wood chips for mulching compared to wood floss. Wood chips recommended mulching thickness is 2 - 3 inches whereas wood floss recommended thickness is only 1.5 - 2 inches. Which means wood floss covers a greater area compared to wood chips for the same volume. However, wood chips will be longer lasting because they have a more blocky structure compared to finer wood floss and thus, degrades slower. So both types of mulch have their own unique characteristics, and how you choose your mulch will depend on your usage and terrain.

6) How long will the color last?

The colored mulch will retain its look up to 5 years, maybe more, depending on the weather conditions you subject it to. The colors will fade very slowly over time similar to way your clothes color fade when you wash them. It has an environmental friendly weather resistant ‘binder’ to keep the dye color in place. If it eventually fades noticeably, simply top up with a thin layer of new mulch.

7) Are your color mulches toxic to plants or pets?

Our color ingredients originate from metal oxides, which is a naturally occurring element in all clay soils. For example, rust is red iron oxide and therefore you get a deep red color. Our dye color and dye pigment are all environmentally friendly, and cause no harm even when swallowed by pets.


8) Will it wash away by rain?

Make sure you do not mulch an area that pools water easily or easily flooded during rainy season. If it is, you need to elevate the soil level to prevent this problem (using sand or soil) or use special edging borders that we can supply. We also have special nettings to hold the mulch in place.

9) Can it be blown away by wind?

The mulch materials will mat together to form a tight netting bond as time goes on while still allowing water and oxygen to penetrate the soil.  Refrain from disturbing or raking the mulch unless it is necessary. We also have special nettings to hold the mulch in place.

10) Will it grow mushroom or fungus?

Wood is organic and naturally decomposing over time to add beneficial nutrients back to your soil. Therefore, during very wet season and in shady areas, small mushrooms might grow. But they usually disappear quickly once the sun shines again.

11) How to match color with garden?

If you have many trees or shrubs with lot of falling leaves, use natural look mulch as the leaves will blend with the mulch when it browns. Similarly, if you have trees with big leaves like palm trees, or plan to use it only mainly open areas with no leafy trees around, then color mulch is a good option.