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In this page, we would like to highlight Sandra’s effort to revitalize her garden, which she has been finally been able to find the time to do. Sandra has limited skills in garden design, but with a bit of determination and creativity, she was able to complete her dream project with amazing results. She has allowed us to showcase some of her work and listed below are highlights of the major steps she took in redecorating her garden:


A splash of terracotta colored wood mulch was used to brighten up the entrance of Sandra’s house. The mulch is nicely elevated on the kerb which helps prevents water pooling. Rubber borders are used a perimeter fence to contain the mulch. The mulch keeps the shrubs healthy, and the use of garden stones complements the mulch to achieve a well balanced look.


Sandra also took steps to mulch the sidewalk on the side of her house. A popular shade of brown colored wood mulch is used for this area, which gives a contrasting look to the bright terracotta wood mulch in her front entrance. Similarly, a combination of garden stones and shrubs complements the look of the mulch. This stretch of pleasant landscaping certainly livens us the neighborhood as well.


For the large sized planter boxes, auspicious red mulch was used. The natural brick borders of the planter boxes act as perimeters to contain the mulch. The mulch will play an important role in keeping weeds down, and fertilizing her plant roots at the same time as the mulch starts to break down. And she needs to water her plants less.


Among other attractive garden features include a gazebo shed for her potted plants, wooden fencing and wooden decking. Perhaps the most interesting feature is her terraced garden, which was one a steep slope that was taking up space. She plans to grow more varied plants on this terrace, and perhaps a mini organic garden in future.