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Organic Mulch (Semi-Composted) :: 60 Litres

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Organic grower's mulch differ from decorative mulch as they undergo zero chemical treatment and are partially degraded. Organic matter needs a combination of carbon and nitrogen to decompose. With degraded mulches, they will not compete as aggresively for nitrogen compared with fresh mulches, leading to healthier growing vegetables. There are no artificial chemicals added which means everything you consume from your garden is entirely free of toxins.

Our grower's mulch also consists of smaller and finer chip sizes to allow it to degrade faster in order to sooner release fertilizing properties to your garden soil. Being smaller and lighter in size, it also allows delicate seedlings to 'punch through' the mulch layer and reach for the sunlight. 

Overview & Benefits

  • Semi-composted leading to minimal nitrogen drawdown
  • Naturally prevents weeds by blocking access to sunlight
  • Helps the soil retain moisture
  • Enhances soil microbial ecosystem 

How To Apply:

Simply rake up all weeds (including roots) in the area you intend to mulch. If you are planting seedlings, then you should apply a shallow layer of mulch to allow the seedlings to effortlessly grow through the mulch, but at same time allow soil moisture retention and some form of weed suppression. As your seedlings and shoots grow, you can add more mulch accordingly to continue to effectively suppress more of the weeds that may be trying to grow underneath. When your plants finally reach mature stage, your mulch should be a minimum of 2-3 inches thick.

Option 1: You can add a base layer of newspaper to furthur suppress weeds before adding your layer of wood mulch.

Option 2: You can also use fresh (non-composted) wood mulches to mulch in between your raised garden beds pathways, since you will not have vegetables growing there, but you still want to suppress unwanted weeds.

Bordering Your Mulch:

Always ensure there is a barrier to keep your mulch in place. These barriers or 'borders' can take the form of lawn or concrete edging, rubber/pvc borders, rocks, stones, garden bricks, raised bed walls, etc. Borders will help to contain and protect your mulch from migration and wash off for years to come. Please view our 'rubber border' product, if you do not possess a suitable border.

Mix Into Soil:

Mulch is an organic compound that slowly degrades over time which adds beneficial fertilizing properties to your soil, and enhances your soil's microbial ecosystem. Once your mulch has fully degraded into a rich black humus texture, you can mix into your soil to fully develop your soil's organic matter and soil health. At this stage, your original mulch will take on the function of a biofertlizer instead of mulch. At the same time, you can top up surface layer with fresh layer of organic mulch to continue its weed suppressing and soil moisture retention function. Warning: Do not mix mulch into soil unless it has fully degraded, otherwise it might continue to compete for nitrogen with your plants.

Area Coverage:16 Square Feet
Mulch Thickness:2 Inches
Lasts For:1-2 Years
Gross Weight:24 kg
Bag Dimension (Inches)33 (L) x 17 (W) x 5.5 (H)

Types of Mulch Grade:

All our mulch manufacturing process goes through highest standards of quality, and this applies to both factory and retail/export grade mulch ranges. See our faq page for difference on choosing between 'factory' or 'retail/export' grade mulch.